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A Beacon of Hope: The New Malaria Vaccine

A Beacon of Hope: The New Malaria Vaccine

On Monday, the WHO recommended a groundbreaking new anti-malaria vaccine for children. The vaccine is only the second of its kind to be approved for malaria and the first to meet the WHO target of 75% efficacy.

At least 28 African countries plan to introduce the malaria vaccine as part of their national immunization programs. GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, has approved providing support to roll out vaccines to 18 countries.

As a long-term board member for the non-profit Population Services International (PSI), I saw firsthand the devastating impact malaria can have on families and communities in affected countries. The primary tool to prevent and treat malaria was distributing hundreds of millions of insecticide-treated nets and pre-packaged treatments.

I can’t wait to see how this new vaccine transforms lives and brings hope to millions of people.

I am proud to witness the pharmaceutical industry in partnership with governments and NGOs continue to make strides in pursuing vaccinations that improve the lives of millions.

That’s the spirit of pharma for good!


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